We are Growing!

As things start to move for us here we are changing out web page design. This will give visitors to the site an easier shopping experience.

I decided that even though I have literally taken every class, webinar and advise my functionality just isn't the same as having the professionals do it. Go WIX!

PLease join us in our new digs and tell us what you think.


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The hardest thing in a mother's life is to watch your child suffer, until now. I'm not sure who is suffering worse, me or my daughter. The anger, rage and blame. Guilty feelings, utter loss of hope. S

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Its unbelievable really as I sit here writing this, it's been 6 months since we launched Mojos Moves. Just a little less than 2 years ago we (my girls & I) were on the brink of homelessness and losing

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