Ty Beanie's Are Here To Stay

Actualizado: 18 de oct de 2020

I have different respect for than I did then. Are they as valuable as some would have you to believe, well in my opinion No, but that do have value, just not as much as Etsy, eBay & Amazon posters think. In truth not 10 years ago I was in the believe that the 2 Curly's I had, one of them was as much as my home. Yes, I totally did. The inter is valuable but just like anything else it can be deceptive if you only rely on the first or second article you read. Ty Beanie Babies aren't going anywhere, in fact, I believe their value is going to hit on the rise. See us young parents who started this mad craze hitting every store and traveling in a convoy to every McDonald's in Orlando are getting older and our kids remember those Sunday trips. When we aren't around any longer our grandkids will have a few of these and ball is going to roll. Of course Ty BB are only as valuable as one is willing to pay for that one they have. Rare Ty Beanie Babies aren't the one you see on eBay. I crack up 😂 Just last night I was posting some I have for sell ( in the real world prices) and the amount of Ultra Rare Ty BB are just crazy. For instance Halo, cutest little angel bear was listed anywhere from $5k to $2 and half listed Ulta Rare. Hmmm there are 36 of them. I myself have 2. Sure years ago I thought I would retire of these cute pets but that just isn't the case. Collecting them, swapping and selling them is so much fun and I'm on the hunt for a few I would like to add to very special Ty BB Master Card Bear. Giving to me by my son. Pay $1000 for a bear? Never going to happen in my world. $100 bucks? Absolutely! Ty Beanie Babies are collectables just most haven't done their homework on them. I was guilty of these too. You learn something every day. Enjoy you collecting. They are special and hold dear memories.

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